SEO packages

Affordable & BeSpoke SEO Packages with Sureshot tangible results

As the business reach across the globe increase more and more businesses are finding it hard to manage their SEO strategies in-house. The easy alternative to hiring SEO agencies to manage nurture and implement SEO campaigns is proving to be extortionate. One major alternative to this traditional thinking is to have a pre-designed ala-carte like SEO strategies that are both proven and cost-efficient but at the same time can be customized to individual business needs.

We at NetCanyon realized this growing trend of challenges small business customers face as a reality. The answer to this ever-present small business SEO challenge, we believe, is to offer a completely tailor-made SEO packages for SME businesses on tight fiscal budget

Our SEO engagement process is pretty much straightforward w.r.t the ala-carte packages.

  1. Customer recognizes the scope of the packages within the comparison table to get an understanding of what’s involved in each package.
  2. Decides on an appropriate package within their budget and signs up.
  3. A Lead SEO Account Manager will reach out to the customer to discuss their company’s vision, immediate goals and aspirations for long-term scalability.
  4. A Lead SEO expert will then gets assigned to carve out a detailed SEO strategy to increase your rankings
  5. Campaigns typically run for a minimum period of six months unless the customer exclusively opts in for a ‘Pay-As-You-Go’ feature.